Books used to describe e learning

E- learning environment

There are short and precise materials and videos used to teach different languages.

400+ video tutorials, 600+ reading materials, Can be accessed 24/7.

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About Kuush Technologies

Software Development

We develop different Web applications, mobile applications and different desktop softwares based on our customer orders and public demand.

Research on AI

We are currently researching on AI especially on deep learning to come up with products that can make a difference in the society. You can join us too.

E - learning

We provide different courses that we think our users can benefit from. You can begin today.

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Our Services

Website and Web application development

Develop different websites and web applications by using the latest technology

Android Development

Android application development for android wear and android tv

Mobile Application Development

We develop different IOS and android applications.


We also work on search engine optimization for already developed websites and work on search engine indexing for apps.

Screenshots of our products
UI / UX Design

Design different user interfaces and also work on user experiance for a software or a prototype.

Logo Design

Design logo for companies.

Teach programming online

We provide different materials and videos on different programming languages and computer science concepts

Teach Languages Online

By using our amazing e-learning system we teach different languages by a fair price.

Our products


A media streaming website and members management system for FOCUS Ministry fellowship Addis Ababa Campus

Afan Oromo Bible Verses Application

Bible verse application that provides bible verses in different categories


Afan Oromo teaching android application for children and people willing to learn

Kuush Dictionary

An Afan Oromo to Afan Oromo Dictionary.

Libs Sifet 1.0

An application that teaches basics of pattern making on clothes.

GBKC Members management system

A system used to manage members of GBKC and also provides leave and recommendation paper incase the members want to leave. It also categorizes the members based on their role.

Face Recognition System for Security

A face recognition system that is used to monitor people in the range of the camera.

Hand Gesture to Mouse Movement Conversion System

A system that is used to controll the mouse movement based on the hand gesture given by human through webcam.

Message Encryption System

Encrypt SMS messages to keep the SMS a secret.